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Simplified Vending

Disposable vending machines for the American market. A service strategy designed to revolutionise the vending machine market with proprietary $30 vending machines.


Project: A part of my B.Des. thesis part 2 this project was aimed to mitigate exclusion caused due to unemployment by the means of a low investment, low-risk business solution for first world countries.
Project Mentor: Prof. Puneet Tandon, Mr Aditya Chand
My role: User Research, Service Designer, Product Designer, Business Strategist
Timeline: 4 months 

Scope of work:

To develop a fresh way of vending which is disposable, ship-able by the usual network and is a low-cost solution along with a viable business strategy

Research- Insights

Business Models in Place:

1. Direct to consumer

2. Machine distribution

3. Buying a running business

4. Brand partnership

Screenshot (601).png

There are 4.6 million vending machines in the US

The business of vending machines is fairly simple and operations of FMCG retail has high-profit margins. Hence, a lot of people turn to the vending machine business. These people start with a couple of machines and make money by the sale of product over time pan locations. Usually handled within a family, the operations are simple to adapt to.

Reality: These businesses are profitable for an average of 3-4 years and then have reported going down the drain.  

Screenshot (714).png

The Service

Simplified vending is the service component meant to be an easy to adapt solution designed to help mitigate unemployment in the context of first world nations. Stakeholders are strategically placed to simplify logistics and leverage the personal scaling up and propagation potential that individual partners bring with them.

Screenshot (718).png

People can choose to become either operators or location providers in this service based on the resources they possess. Their roles are mentioned here.

Screenshot (719).png
Screenshot (720).png

The system has been designed to optimise processing and minimise computational load from the vending machines. The computation would be shared by individual mobile devices of the users.


1. A vending machine operator:

Screenshot (722).png

2. Customer:


The Product

The VendX vending machine would be manufactured with the following functional requirements:

1. They should each cost less than $50

2. Their body would be built with corrugated paper

3. Their body would be connected with a power supply

4. The body should be use and throw

5. Comprising of a tech part and a body

Group 60 (2).png

Tech Part + Body

Mechanism Development


Product placement on hot-cut trays

Capacity of hot-cut trays

Assembly of the tray

Final Product

QR codes embedded into illustrations to enable payment

Assembly of the main body

VendX in context

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