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Inclusive Innovation for Unmet Needs of
The Excluded Communities of India

Thesis work under the mentorship of Prof. Anil Gupta for a period of 6 months as a part of my final year internship period.

Design Research | Product Design | Innovation Strategy


Exclusion is often found to prevail in most of the society but very few are able to realize the same. Exclusion refers to the disadvantage and segregation of a community. These disadvantages often result in various complications which are mostly not found to be in direct control of the people in a community 

The 6 s of exclusion

A proposed theory to explore the various aspects of exclusion and to justify how it prevails in the society.

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Aspects of exclusion

An outcome of extensive brainstorming to come up with the various contributing factors that cause a certain kind of exclusion to happen.

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Scope of work

To study different cases that are excluded due to some reason, identify challenges faced by the people belonging to the respective community and the kind of exclusion they face a consequence of. After this analysis, to try to mitigate the causes of the exclusion with the help of design.

Conceptual Framework

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When does exclusion become harmful?

In our daily lives, we observe lot of people who are excluded in some way. If exclusion is so widespread and common how do we understand when does it become dangerous? It is found that humans find their way of life to the extent they have been exposed to one type of exposure. The moment these aspects of exclusion begin to overlap, humans find them helpless in a critic

Structure of thesis

The thesis took forward the two reasons for exclusion, realized and unrealized in the context of independent case studies to understand the extent to which communities are excluded and to give a solution for the same. These case studies are separately elaborated in this portfolio as independent projects in order to justify the various reasons that lead to these situations.

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