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Clear Care

Winner at the 'Beat the Pandemic- Global Hackathon by MIT'
Duration of Project: 72 Hours

Clear Care: A mapping tool that helps people with medical needs find specific help quickly and easily after they’ve been triaged as non-covid.


This hackathon was organised by MIT in April 2020 where the healthcare system in the US was overburdened.  Hospitals acted as highly vulnerable places and routine medical care was a huge challenge for people dependent on the system for survival. I worked along with a team of highly motivated from around the world to find a solution to this problem in 72 hours. 

Clear Care is a solution for non-covid patients with medical needs. People with a medical need can now find specific help quickly and easily after they’ve been triaged as non-covid patients. Vulnerable populations such as cancer patients, diabetics, and people with a non-covid emergency can self-sort or be sent to an app from a practitioner and access the healthcare system safely.

Clear Care triages patients based on their locations on a map and directs them to the nearest healthcare facility that could be set up in a mall or even a hotel. Dentists, cancer care, etc could completely be shifted into these models and in turn provide revenue to them empty businesses. At the end of service providers, this app would onboard doctors and potential property owners and facilitate them to set up health centres around the city.


Hackathon Pitch Presentation

Other Projects: Strategic Design

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