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Dinner Table

Name of Course: Managing Creative Projects and Teams, Fall 2021
Faculty: Lena Koropay
Duration of Project: 15 weeks
Team Members: Soumil Panwar, Sara Rebello, Brielle Yang, Anamika Gopi, E Oyang, Zainab Akhtar, Madhura Redij

Challenge: To mitigate the possibility of mental health issues in children in early ages

Approach. With an intent to reduce the possibility of mental health issues, we started with in-depth research to dive into the needs of children, parents and teachers in order to find grounds for design and applied the human-centred design process to design a viable solution aimed to meet the design goals established in the problem statement.

Solution: The Toolkit

Designed to build communication, collaboration and trust between parents and children aged 8+, the Dinner table breaks barriers and helps parents become the child's best friends. These bonds over time would be instrumental in finding solutions to future complexities in the lives of a child.

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Dinner Table is an interactive toolkit that consists of activities, games and a manual for parents and children to bond, build trust, and navigate difficult conversations. Through these immersive tools, Dinner Table aims to develop empathy and compassion during these imperative developmental years. This solution was developed with children at the forefront by co-creating a diverse realm of games. Our intention is to facilitate trust, awareness, and communication between parents and children around their mental well-being through these two games.

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The Manual

Table Talk Cardgame

Show me Your Face Cardgame

How It Works

When families receive the Dinner Table Toolkit, they are encouraged to explore its contents as each of the three components serve different purposes. The three parts of the Dinner Table Toolkit can help families improve awareness, build trust, and encourage communication. Through active participation in the activities in this toolkit, children and parents will continue to bond with each other, creating the strong foundations of a healthy family relationship.


Dinner Table Manual
Purpose: Improve Awareness
The manual is intended to be read through by multiple members of a family or it can be reviewed individually. The manual will include multiple mindful resources and engaging comics, which will improve awareness of the importance of communication and how to properly engage in conversations with family members.

Table Talk Cardgame
Purpose: Build Trust
Families can play Table Talk anywhere and anytime. The simple instructions and ease of the materials make it the perfect game for a night-in or a great activity to travel with. This game provides many opportunities for families to engage in conversations they may not have otherwise. Through this game, families are provided with the opportunity to better know each other and to build an atmosphere of trust.

Show Me Your Face
Purpose: Encourage Conversation
This game allows families to participate in a lengthier activity that will continue to build on communication developed in other aspects of the toolkit. During this game, families will have a chance to negotiate with each other and be able to create stories pertaining to each of their pieces of art. It will allow each family member to express his or her thoughts and ideas to one another, encouraging communication.


Explore The Dinner Table in Detail (Detailed Report)

The Design Process and Various Deliverables

The managing creative projects and teams (MCPT) course was an introspective experience and a self-learning opportunity to discover leadership, manage innovation, challenge boundaries and rediscover design. 

Within this project, we build a solution on the end to end design process as a team.

Deliverables from the Course

1. Design Brief, Research Plan, Conduct Culture Guide

2. Discussion, Interview, Survey Guide

3. Journey Map and Affinity Map

4. Persona and Empathy Map

5. Research Summary

6. Value Chain Analysis

7. Brainstorming Workshop

8. Concept Development

9. Concept synthesis

10. Napkin Pitch

11. Prototype Testing Plan

12. Business Model Canvas

13. Prototype Testing Plan 2

14. Budget for Launch

15. Prototype and Business Model Testing Plan 3

16. Investors Pitch

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