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I am Soumil Panwar, an Industrial Designer and a Social Innovator

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Product Design
Design Research
Service Design

"Change in context brings changes in the content"

- Prof. Anil Gupta




I am a Swimmer, An Observer, An Explorer and fortunately, A Designer!

My love for water took a dive and soon I was a professional swimmer. I have realised the importance of hard work, focus and mental wellness at a very young age. Playing around, moreover breaking open any and every device possible fascinated me with whats inside and has fostered the explorer in me. This never ending curiosity left me spending a lot of time with myself thinking and imagining solutions to problems a 10 year old faced at that time. This resulted in my passion towards design and the various ways I could help solve real life problems and make lives of people better. Gradually I have developed intricate emphasis on human behavior, innovation and strategy. Using user research, systems thinking, behavioural studies, frugal heuristics and human-centred design, I aim to solve complex problem in simple and intuitive ways.

To me "Design = Products + Services + Businesses + Systems" and of course, a lot of common sense.

My recent experiences in the grassroots communities and rural India have opened my eyes for the role of designers in driving change. It is high time we as designers start to observe rather than see the life that people in the world are leading. In the context of India, a major population lives in rural India and sadly is 'excluded' from the world in certain ways. I have learnt that it is not wrong to be cut off from the world of logic and the world of textual wisdom. It is wrong to categorise knowledge based on whom it belongs to.

"Design interventions have to happen with mindfulness and a seed has to be planted to foster innovation with gratitude"




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Frugal Washing Machine

Low cost automatic washing

machine for bachelors

Application No: 202021030820

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Represented by a tail fin. I deeply aspire to learn to fly someday

Lego Teeth

My imagination all comes from endless hours with lego as a child


Representation inspired by a wrench, Breaking open objects has made me what I am


Swimming has always been closest to my heart. I still jump in every waterbody possible


Waves have always grounded me and have provoked thoughtfulness

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