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I'm a Product Designer and Strategist.

Looking for Full-Time Opportunities as a Product Designer, UX Designer and UX Researcher.

As a designer, I have been driven by disruption, innovation and social impact. I challenge the status quo and solve complex business problems through human-centered design rooted in deep research. I am a systemic thinker who works on the intersection of product, service and business innovation in my design practice.

Previously, I started my own design consultancy by the name of D'Scope providing services in product design, industrial design, brand building and digital marketing to global clients with a team of 9 designers and engineers. I have extensively worked with grassroots Indian communities working in the unorganized construction industry.

During the pandemic, I launched Uncle's Bistro, a food-based business specializing in Indian biryanis and, a global online platform for art education focused at children between the ages of 8-14 years.

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Parsons School of Design, New York  
MS in Strategic Design and Management
August 2021- May 2023

Indian Institute of Information Technology, Jabalpur, India. 
Bachelors in Design
August 2016- May 2020


Parsons School of Design                           Jan 2022- May 2023
Student Assistant

D'Scope, India                                                May 2022- Jan 2023
Product Designer

Streamlined WordPress websites and curated content for an upcoming design competition in Finland 

Northwell Health, New York                        Jan 2022- May 2022
Student Product Designer

Designed inclusive health adaptations for current digital products for Northwell, a leading healthcare services provider in New York.

YUJ Designs, India                                           Mar 2021- Aug 2021
User Experience Designer

Designed, prototyped and tested digital products for fin-tech clients and build an internal performance management system for YUJ.

D'Scope, India                                                 Dec 2019- Aug 2021

Shaped my own design thinking led strategy consulting studio focussed on digital and service innovation

Rites and Bites, California                            Dec 2019- Apr 2020
Product Design Intern

Designed and launched Vend-X, a vending machine business leveraging $30 disposable vending machines and simplified web apps for inventory management and making purchases.

National Innovation Foundation, India    May 2019- Nov 2019
Design Research Intern

Conducted ethnography with construction worker communities in rural Gujrat, India. Leveraging Co-Creation workshops with laborers, built and tested prototypes of load-bearing devices.
Designed and prototyped a wheelchair-accessible electric vehicle along with Freedom Wheels and received a grant of $12,000 from Startup India.


Deans Merit Scholarship at Parsons
75% of my tuition
August 2021

Winner: MIT Design Challenge
Beat the Pandemic Hackathon                
May 2021

Winner: Covid Design Challenge
Hackathon by IIT Bombay and NID
June 2021

First Patent Granted 
Frugal Automatic Washing Machine
July 2020

Received Funding for Saarthi
$12,000 by Startup India
June 2019


Design Skills

User Experience (UX)
Research Methodologies
Design Thinking
Systems Thinking
Design Sprints
Product Management
Product Roadmapping
Public Speaking
Service Blueprinting
Story Boarding
Business Modeling
Journey Mapping
Digital Prototyping
3D Modeling
3D Rendering
Stop motion animation

My Design Toolkit

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