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Young Money

What if
we collectively invest
in a better future today, by
supporting businesses
fighting climate change?

Your investments can build a future where impact-driven businesses have the capital to create change.

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 IS The First
driven by social impact.

A game that will demystify the world of investing by building impact consciousness in your financial investments.

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Young Money

An experience that motivates, educates, and empowers you to invest in the impact you wish to create.
While making sure you're having fun!


Learn to Simplify the
World of Finance


Build Real Investment Plans within an Immersive Game

Picking up trash

Invest in Impact Driven Businesses with your friends

We need your inputs

We are currently building this and would love 20 minutes of your time for feedback, suggestions and insights. Use the calendar below and help us re-invent the world of investments.

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