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Ceiling Fan Design Assignment

Designer: Soumil S. Panwar 


1. Ceiling fans for Premium and Luxury Segment

2. Target User: Young, youth, dynamic, who loves unique yet subtle and simple design home interiors with unique features.


The final renders of the various fan options are here. The process I chose to follow comes later.

Concept 1

Use of Chrome 

IMD inlay of a pattern/ artwork

Could be bottom lit

Concept 2

Matte finish

Bottom lit

My Process

  • I broke down the brief into two parts: Form and CMF

  • Research: Competitors in the market, Forms and elements that are associated by certain key words

  • Key words were derived as a probe to make Mood boards

  • Sketching was done to explore the forms a bit (Hub, trims, blades seperate)

  • Surface modeling was done on Rhino to translate the sketches into reality

  • Colors, textures and combinations were explored using keyshots 

  • Final renders done and compiled.

Assignment- Story Design 24022020.jpg


Mood Boards

Key Words that I associate with the brief: Elegant, Modern, Subtle, Clean, Sleek, Cool, Safe, Simple, Calm, Soothing, Pastels, Chrome.

A mood board was made using a collection of images that I relate to from the internet.

Assignment- Story Design 24022020 (1).jp
Assignment- Story Design 24022020 (2).jp
Assignment- Story Design 24022020 (3).jp

Some Sketching

Assignment- Story Design 24022020 (4).jp

3D Modelling- Rhino

More Projects

A display of other projects from my portfolio. Thank you for your patience.

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