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Disposable Vending Machines

"Change in context brings changes the content" - Prof. Anil Gupta



I am Soumil PanwarIn all these 23 years, I have drawn inspiration from every experience and person to chisel myself into what I am today. Intricate emphasis on human behaviour, innovation and strategy led me into the world of design. I have completed my Bachelor of Design degree and I create products and services to bring out practical solutions to complicated problems using user research, systems thinking, behavioural studies, frugal heuristics and human-centred design. 

With an intent to cast a positive impact to the society, I have a keen interest in social upliftment and have been working on projects leading to social design from time to time. Spending time with the grassroots communities made me realise that design is relatable only if 'the mental model of the possible users aligns with the design intent' not just on the physical but the system level and hence I believe in developing holistic design solutions.

To me "Design = Products + Services + Businesses + Systems" and of course, a lot of common sense.

Social Innovation
Being a professional swimmer educated me in aspects such as hard work, focus and mental wellbeing at a very young age. Since then I have always tried to leave no stones unturned in any challenge that I lay my feet in. I have exceptional managerial skills and have proven this statement with my work through projects like 'Saarthi 3' and 'Frugal Washing Machine'. 

My recent experiences in the grassroots communities have opened my eyes for the role of designers in driving change. It is high time we as designers start to observe rather than see the life that people in the world are leading. In the context of India, a major population lives in rural India and sadly is excluded from the world in certain ways. I have learnt that it is not wrong to be cut off from the world of logic and the world of textual wisdom. It is wrong to categorise knowledge based on whom it belongs to.

"Design interventions have to happen with mindfulness and a seed has to be planted to foster innovation with gratitude"



First Patent
D'Scope Launch
Met Shri. Venkaiah Naidu, The honble VP of India
Winner-D'Source Design Challenge
Winner-MIT Covid19 Hackathon



I have experience working with the agricultural, medical, consumer goods and the grassroots sectors on projects of various scale. I have a keen focus on design for innovation and always have taken a step towards the same.

'Ideas do not really have value unless they are translated into a form that is accepted and brings about the intended change in the lives of the target users'

I have always followed this thought and have tried to bring my projects to reality and gain qualitative feedback.

 Soumil Panwar 2020 

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