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Performance Management System (Mobile)

A gamified platform for employees to send and receive behavioural feedback to their peers.


Behavioural data in organizations is highly complicated to capture and management constantly struggles with it. A simple way to capture behavioural insights is by mobilizing peers and teammates of an employee to give feedback and build data sets unknowingly for management to evaluate and take strategic decisions. 

Design Process

1. Analyzing existing systems for performance management
2. Understanding the goals of employees and their mental model around app usage
3. Designing task flows for various processes
4. Designing wireframes of the screens


Task Flows

Viewing Received Feedback

All the received feedback is tabulated in the form of a graph mapping the respective feedback against company values. The proportion of red amber and green depicts the proportion of desirable and undesirable behaviour subtly and nudges employees to reduce the red.

Giving Feedback

Similar to any messaging platform, employees can choose one or more employees to give particular feedback to. Individuals or teams could be given behavioural feedback this way by then selecting a hashtag and writing a comment for them.

View Received Feedback

All the feedback given to you by other employees can be viewed as direct feedback with the associated hashtags and comments. These feedbacks can also be arranged according to the colour of hashtags to consume good and bad feedback easily.

View Given Feedback

Feedback given by any particular employee can be viewed in the future similar to chat history from any messaging app. 

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Figma Prototype

Reflections and Learnings

1. Understood the working of HR's in a design studio
2. Understood how performance management and appraisals have a major impact to a business
3. Solutions like this could help companies retain and better manage their employees
4. I developed skills and mastered Figma and learned how important it is to bring feedback from various stakeholders
5. In such projects, often stakeholders are not aligned with a common goal. In order to help them realise what they need, a fast-moving solution helps gather better insights and to develop design goals alongside the stakeholders

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