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Individual Development Program

Organizations run internal skill development and mentorship programs. YUJ, India was expanding their business and hiring 400 new employees that season. In order to cater to internal development of employees and help them reach their goals, YUJ decided to launch the Individual development program (IDP).

I worked on this project for 3 weeks to quickly deploy wireframes and iterate the process with 3 sprints to build a MVP concept to help the management launch their program on time.


Design Process

1. I closely worked with the CEO and the CHRO to make myself aware of their vision 
2. Designed paper task flows for employees, mentors, managers and HR
3. Designed detailed wireframes and iterated based on feedback

Process Map (click to zoom)

Process Map

User Flows (click to zoom)

Copy of YUJ Intranet- IDP - Frame 3 (2).jpg


In principle, the IDP is envisioned as a progress monitoring tool for an employee and his chosen mentor towards self defined goals. The employee and his mentor decide upon actionable goals and build a learning plan to achieve the goal. The platform intends to give autonomy for employees to work at a self paced progression towards their goals. 


Reflections and Learnings

1. Understood the working of HR's in a design studio
2. Understood how performance management and appraisals have a major impact to a business
3. Solutions like this could help companies retain and better manage their employees
4. I developed skills and mastered Figma and learned how important it is to bring feedback from various stakeholders
5. In such projects, often stakeholders are not aligned with a common goal. In order to help them realise what they need, a fast-moving solution helps gather better insights and to develop design goals alongside the stakeholders

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