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Automatic Washing Machine

To bring out a disruption in the low volume laundering market of washing machines for bachelors and single professionals for an affordable cost.


Project: Sponsored project by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) for the Social Innovation Lab at IIIT Jabalpur during my third year.
Project Mentor: Prof. Puneet Tandon
My role: Team Lead, Ideation, 3D Visualisation, Prototyping, Testing, Documentation
Timeline: 3 months (From visualising project brief upto testing final product)
Team: Designers: Soumil SIngh Panwar, Sahil Kolgaonkar, Tanai Mathur, Ayushi Gupta

             Engineers: Mohd. Abdul Ahad (Mechanical Engineer), Aman Singhal (Electronics Engineer)

Scope of work:

To come up with a frugal automatic washing solution targeted towards bachelors, students and other individuals with an independent lifestyle. The machine has to develop upon the following factors:
    1. Automatic
    2. Compact
    3. Minimal Interaction
    4. Elegant
    5. Low Cost
    6. Scope For Control Using Smartphone


The following are a set of ideation sketches that led to the final concept.

Form 1.jpg
Form 2.jpg
Report sketches.jpg

Visualization + Product Renders

The explorations were brought to 3D using Rhinocerous and material detail done using Keyshot.