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Bag Design for Glocal Bags

Bags designed for Glocal Bags for 6-9-year-old kids and 16-18-year-old kids as two different design options. This project will be undertaken by us as an independent design service on a freelance basis.

Designers: Rishika Kedia and Soumil Panwar.

Concept 1: This is aimed for the kids from classes 1st to 3rd. the transparent sleeve, as shown above, can be used to insert printouts of time tables or games or pictures. We would be providing this component as well if you choose to proceed with this idea.

Concept 1: This is aimed for the kids from classes 8th to 10th. 

This assignment is a part of the sample work for a bag design project for Glocal Bags. This project will be executed by Mr. Soumil Panwar and team to execute the various aspects of the design and development process. The ownership of this document remains with Mr. Soumil Panwar for now and usage of these designs for commercial purposes by Glocal Bags would be a non-professional act and treated as not being taken in the right intention. Respect for the work is expected.

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